Mike with his family, left to right:

Ben (12), interested in band and basketball
Kelly (son), farmer and President of Oak Star Bank, Bolivar Branch
Tara, CPA and CFO at Southwest Baptist University,
Bolivar David (18), senior in high school, works after school at a local restaurant
Michaela (14), competes in cross country and is a cheerleader
Teresa, works at Mid-Missouri Bank and has been in the banking industry for 40 years
Mike, Governor of Missouri
Isabella (8), animal lover at heart, learning to drive a tractor Jonathan, farmer and pastor at Life's Journey Church in Ozark
Stephanie (daughter), mother of our 5 grandchildren and a teacher at Kickapoo High School in Springfield
Alicia (16), great singer and a cheerleader



In November of 2016, Mike was elected to be Lieutenant Governor of Missouri.  He was victorious in 112 of Missouri's 114 counties, winning by a margin of more than 297,000 votes.  He received the most votes - 1,450,717 - of any Lieutenant Governor in state history.


Mike was the Senate handler of Right to Farm legislation, which passed on the August 2014 ballot and enshrined the right to farm in the Missouri constitution.  Mike tirelessly campaigned for this measure, traveling to communities across the state to encourage local voters to stand with agriculture and vote for the Right to Farm.  


After it was revealed that Governor Nixon had used Highway Patrol vehicle funding to buy a $5.6 million plane without any public oversight, Mike sponsored a bill requiring legislative approval before the Highway Patrol can spend more than $100,000 on any one item, preventing future waste.


In 2011, Mike led the effort to protect Missouri agriculture and repeal the most troubling aspects of Proposition B, working with people on all sides of the issue to come up with compromise legislation that would help improve protections for dogs in breeding facilities while ensuring the language could not be used to burden animal agriculture in general.


In November of 2010, Mike was elected to serve the 28th District in the Missouri Senate.  He served in leadership as Majority Whip and is Chairman of the Committee on Small Business, Insurance, and Industry.



Mike co-sponsored a bill expanding Missouri’s Castle Doctrine, ensuring that Missourians have the right to protect themselves and their families from intruders without worrying that they will wind up the victim of a lawsuit from the criminal who was trying to harm them.


Elected to serve the 133rd District in the Missouri House, representing Polk and Cedar Counties.  He would go on to serve as Chairman of the House Rules Committee.


Elected Sheriff of Polk County, serving three four-year terms.


 Married his wife of 30 years, Teresa, and purchased their first farm.  He and Teresa would go on to raise two children.


Purchased first gasoline station and became a small business owner


Started as the first Criminal Investigator for the Polk County Sheriff’s Office


Started as a Deputy with the Hickory County Sheriff’s Office


Entered the U.S. Army, serving two tours in the Military Police


Graduated from Wheatland High School


Mike was born and raised in the small town of Wheatland.

September 17, 1955