Julius Schweich Endorses Mike Parson for Lieutenant Governor

Today, Parson for Missouri announced that Julius Schweich, father of the late Auditor Tom Schweich, has endorsed Mike Parson for Lieutenant Governor.

“Mike is a man of integrity who I believe genuinely wants to change the political atmosphere in our state, and that is why he has my vote,” said Col. Schweich, a retired USAF and Missouri Air National Guard pilot.

“His opponent clearly has no intent to push for change.  She is bankrolled by the very same people who want to maintain the status quo, most notably billionaire Rex Sinquefield, the source of more than 80% of her campaign funds,” he continued. 

“Her record is not one of reform.  Instead, she made her name using attack ads and harsh rhetoric to tear down Republicans who refuse to do the Sinquefield machine’s bidding.  During the 2014 election cycle, she was at the helm of the Missouri Club for Growth’s efforts to go after Republicans who refused to support her top benefactor’s tax policies.  If elected as Lieutenant Governor, she would be able to do the same thing on a much larger scale, and I truly hope that the people of our state will see through the Sinquefield machine’s shameful attempt to buy our state government.  Our state needs leaders like Mike Parson, not candidates hand-picked by special interests.”