Peerless Agriculture Record

When out-of-state interest groups sponsored a misleading ballot initiative that would have harmed Missouri agriculture, Mike Parson worked to repeal the most troubling and burdensome aspects of this proposal. He worked with Missouri groups from all sides of the issue to come up with compromise legislation that would avoid a negative impact on Missouri farmers.

Mike was also the Senate handler for the Right to Farm ballot measure, and he traveled the state to advocate for this important constitutional amendment to protect Missouri agriculture, which is a way of life for many across the state.

Protecting Our Second Amendment Rights

Mike Parson is a tireless supporter of our Second Amendment rights and has voted not only to expand the Castle Doctrine, but also to protect our rights from being infringed upon by an overzealous federal government.

100% Pro-Life

Mike has always been supportive of protecting the rights of the unborn, and he has consistently voted for legislation that has made our state among the most pro-life in the nation, including the measure extending the waiting period for an abortion from 24 hours to 72 hours.

Promoting Economic Growth

Mike has worked hard to pursue policies that will help promote economic growth and protect Missouri taxpayers.  He led the way on the Right to Farm effort, helping to protect Missouri’s number one industry – agriculture – from out-of-state interest groups.  He also supported 2014’s landmark tax cut legislation, the first across-the-board tax cut in nine decades

Protecting Missouri Taxpayers

Mike is committed to fighting for smaller government and protecting Missouri taxpayers from wasteful spending.  He sponsored a bill that would prevent future abuses like Governor Nixon’s purchase of a $5.6 million plane without legislative approval.  He was also the lead sponsor of the effort to prevent Governor Nixon from using bonds to finance new stadium construction without legislative approval.