Thank you for your interest in donating to Parson for Missouri.  Please note that the maximum aggregate contribution is $2,600 per individual, per election, and contributions from corporations, labor unions, or non-citizens are prohibited.  Please provide us with the following information for our records.  Campaign committees are required to report to the Missouri Ethics Commission the name, address, and employer/occupation of any donor contributing $25 or more in an election cycle.

Who's donating

David Berke
Robert Pierce
Robin Wenneker
Peg & Ed Cundiff
Brian Hammons
Bill Monday
Kay Hoflander
Hugh Scott
Joann Pate
Anne & Henry Herschel
Merle Nunemaker
Debra McCaslin-Dotson
Herb Hamann
Lynn and John Farrell
Robert Thompson
Nelson and Rebecca Taylor
Brandon Potter
Debra McCaslin-Dotson
Russ Mason
Brandon Potter
Russ Mason
Patricia Garretson
Joseph Pierle
John McDonnell
Jerry Hunter
Hal Higdon
Robert Thompson
Phillip Short
Linda Rallo
doug Kiburz