Thank you for your interest in donating to Parson for Missouri.  Please note that the maximum aggregate contribution is $2,600 per individual, per election, and contributions from corporations, labor unions, or non-citizens are prohibited.  Please provide us with the following information for our records.  Campaign committees are required to report to the Missouri Ethics Commission the name, address, and employer/occupation of any donor contributing $25 or more in an election cycle.

Who's donating

Jacob Curtis
Joshua Hill
Michele Slawson
Stephen Slawson
Daniel Hyslop
Megan Rowe
Jon Bierman
Stephen Slawson
M + D Egan
Michael Steiniger
Jane Clark
Patrick Moriarity
Warden Kirk
Russ Burns
Kevin Spaulding
Kenneth Larot Yamat
Jennifer McCreight
Susan Ketchmark
Susan Ketchmark
David Lowe
Phoebe Rice
Phoebe Rice
Melanie and Mike Fenske
Thomas Bloch
Travis Willingham
David Berke
Robert Pierce
Robin Wenneker
Peg & Ed Cundiff
Brian Hammons